I Am Making Progress

documenting a new internet venture from day one


The purpose of this blog is to document my process of creating an internet startup. Follow me and I will take you from the first inspirations and motivations to a failed first attempt, lessons learned, a pivot, the new plan in broad strokes, and step by step through all the details until I get the site up and running and hopefully receive an initial round of investment!

About Me: I am a 34 year old resident of Philadelphia, PA. In May 2010 I received a Ph.D. in physics from the Georgia Institute of Technology where my thesis work was in the field of computational neuroscience. From there I worked for two small companies one as a software developer and another as a research scientist before being laid off in May 2011. At that point I began work on my first website www.HearTheScene.com. Click November 16th, 2011 on the homepage calendar if you want to see where the story goes from there!

Follow me on twitter: @patrickjbradley

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