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Feistie Update – PLAYLISTS!


We’ve added a new feature to Feistie, Playlists! Just click the yellow “+” on any video and start a playlist. We’ve created a nice little movie player that will continuously play through an entire playlist or you can skip around and play what you want. If you have the playlist on a large monitor or projector, you can leave the video maximized that next video will load right in while keeping the view maximized for a nice presentation. Playlists are obviously good for easy listening as well as being great way to discover new music.


We’ve done a few other things since the last update as well.


  • The design has been tweaked in a few places to look a little cleaner and more cohesive.
  • You can now¬†search for other users on Feistie through the navigation bar search.
  • Reputations now include the number of “Favorites” received by the content you added to Feistie.


Add stuff that people like and watch your rep soar! And think if you had added “U2” or some other very popular band you will ultimately receive a huge reputation from all the future Feistie users who will be adding U2 to their favorites. So get busy and fill in all the gaps in Feistie’s library now, it will pay dividends in the future. And trust, we have plans to give special offers and awards for our power users.


If you have any suggestions for changes or additions to Feistie please let us know, we’re already working on the next update. Expect to be seeing some Facebook/Twitter integration which should allow news of Feistie to start to reach the internet at large.


We appreciate you early adopters, it has been so valuable to have a user base to test out all the different aspects of the site. Keep your browsers locked at www.Feistie.com!

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