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www.feistie.com – It’s Official!






I’ve chosen a domain for “EventReview.com” ……….FEISTIE! I’ve been through hundreds of names and I’m only counting the ones that were available (via AJAXWhois).┬áCheck out www.feistie.com, sign up for the email list, drop me a line, and let me know what you think. It will still be at least a month until I release the first prototype of the full site.

I haven’t talked about design much, mostly because I haven’t done much up to this point. This email list/landing page represents my first efforts at design for the site. The logo came together pretty quickly, I’m satisfied with it. I like the idea of having the “f-on-fire” as the mobile app icon. It’s quite eye catching and recognizable. I’m pretty set on the general color scheme as well, using reds and oranges mostly. The full site will probably have a white background in the main area, but the red/orange color scheme I think works well psychologically for a site of this nature. The use of gradients on this landing page might be a bit cheesy and also the “highlighting” as you mouse over different sections could be a little over-the-top as well. I will keep working on the colors and backgrounds but I think the interactivity of this page communicates that the actual site could be interesting and have some cool interactivity as well.

I promise there will be more technical posts to come. I got pretty side tracked by traveling, choosing and registering feistie and making the landing page. Morale is pretty high, I’ve gotten a lot accomplished but there is lots more to do. I am nearly complete with all the functionality of the site. I would say about 90% of the way there, but if my experience in life to this point means anything, that last 10% could take as long or longer than the first 90%. :)

Sign up at feistie.com and I will post again soon!


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