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Last week I began to lay the ground work for a new website. This hypothetical site is very ambitious; it will require me to learn many new skills and develop new partnerships if I am to see it through. I thought it would be fun to document the journey.  This blog might also be a way to generate some interest as the idea develops and manifests itself over time. Hopefully I get lots of feedback! I think and work much better through discussions and debates rather than being locked away in the dark reaches of the internet.

A tiny bit of background…

Since May 2011 I’ve been working on a website which provides local music listings for Philadelphia www.HearTheScene.com. Hear The Scene (HTS) wasn’t officially launched until August. Between May and August I maintained two tumblr blogs HearTheScene.tumblr.com and HearTheSceneDJ.tumblr.com.

As of now the sites are still functioning but falling into disrepair. I am unable to maintain and grow HTS and develop this new venture simultaneously. There were some great aspects to HTS but the constant upkeep that was required to stay up to date on the local music scene made it seem doubtful that HTS would ever expand to be national in scope. In my next entry I will go into more detail about HTS as it was a most important step leading me to this point.

If you want to contact me, find me on twitter @PatrickJBradley



Hear The Scene logo "sound wave head"

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